While doing homeschooling the other day with our daughter, we came across the topic of saving the environment. A tree trunk was introduced to us by the name of Hugo, and he is a watchman for the environment. The student should figure out how to save the environment, but as it’s a German homeschool we are using, the topics were very Europe-oriented like separating waste into different bins and recycling. Though these also apply to our ecolodge to a certain degree, I found it most interesting that our daughter made the connection to how we live here and run an ecolodge like collecting rain water and saving energy.

On the days after studying this at school, she went around being herself a watchman for the environment and gave out warnings to our employees just as not throwing garbage into the ocean. She really enjoyed these lessons.

I think we in the Western countries all know these lessons – we are taught at school, on TV, etc. And these are small and easy lessons, nothing complicated, so that even primary school students can easily grab them – separate your garbage, turn off your electronic devices and lights if not needed, shut off the shower when shampooing, not wasting food, using recyclable packaging materials, and so forth. But most of the time we are so busy and lazy that we just don’t bother to buy only exactly as much food as we need or to first use up the things we have in the fridge, or to take the half minute to separate the garbage into the different bins that we all have at home. And of course it’s nicer to keep the hot shower running than to turn it off, or to have the house with all lights on although we are only sitting and watching TV in a small corner.

If we could just put a little bit more effort into our daily lives to help the environment, and take the five minutes a day to adjust our lifestyle a bit instead of reading another article (or blog) about being eco, we might start to make an actual difference.