Sometimes guests arrive and ask us if we still have rooms at all, because of all the cars in the parking, the lodge should be full already. Well – yes, we actually have still lots of rooms, because all three cars belong to us. I assume that this sounds a bit pretentious for most, but we have learned the hard way here in the bush that with less than that, it’s difficult to survive.

The first car is working the way it’s supposed to, the second car has some noises and needs some maintenance and the third car is not functioning altogether and is waiting for the fundi gari (car mechanic).  So, since the workshop of the fundi is around 120km away, he just doesn’t stop by, it usually takes him a week to decide to appear – sometimes we are faster and manage to bring the car to him.

But mostly here right on the coast the problems are the same – loose bolts, eaten bushes, rusted body parts. It’s nothing that anybody coming from a western country would ever have to think about repairing, and so just by living here in the African bush, we started to become mechanics ourselves and manage to fix the small things without the mechanic and at least see and understand the bigger problems when they appear.

Sometimes though we are still stunned – driving on the road and just seeing your back wheel pass by – oh well, the car is still driving, but you better stop and catch the wheel and put it back on. No worries, this happened only once, but it was definitely an experience that I never thought would happen.