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Mr. Tembo Kijani, Mrs. Tembo Kijani, Ms. Tembo Kijani–and how it all started

If you are walking through Pangani or Saadani and its surrounding villages, and will ask someone if they know Mr. Tembo Kijani – yes, of course… And what’s his real name? – That information will be a bit more difficult to get probably. And probably it’s quite the same that you know the ecolodge Tembo Kijani and can find some information on it, but who are the people behind it? Well, here we’d like to introduce ourselves at least a bit Smile

We are “family” Tembo Kijani, or with the name that you’ll find in our passports – family Peled. This is Eyal (dad), Sarah (mom) and Timna. We came to Tanzania around four years ago with the dream to build something ecological, which will have an impact on our surrounding and our guests.

Originally Eyal is from Israel, Sarah is from Germany and Timna – well … both. When we arrived here in the first place, we got to a really untouched place with only a well and a small hut that we had built for ourselves. We brought a solar panel to be able to charge our phones and after a while also a stove on gas. And slowly slowly (pole pole as you say in Kiswahili) we brought more and more civilization to Tembo Kijani – each of us had his/her own favorite part, that we missed most. Eyal enjoyed the day, when he could finally shower with boiling hot water (we got our first solar water heating system), Timna drew on her walls, once she had her own playing room (don’t worry – we simply didn’t paint it in the first place), Sarah spent the entire day doing laundry once the washing machine had arrived, but probably all of us were really excited about having fresh milk and keeping it that way with a fridge. Coffee in the morning (– before only chai) keeping vegetables fresh and having the option of storing meat and fish. WOW! Life is good!

Since then we really became part of the place and probably Tembo Kijani reflects our character and what we love – lots of nature, simplicity, but also the luxury that we missed when we arrived (so, hot shower for everyone, clean sheets and laundry service and cold milk for the coffee in the morning, but please no painting in the rooms Smile)

And I know – a picture is missing, but we only take pictures of the wildlife in Saadani Winking smile But if any of you have a good picture of all of us together, feel free to send it and I’ll add it to the post.


  1. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Tembo Kijani!! After browsing your page on Trip Advisor our children are quite interested in visiting your lodge! Maybe one day…. but until then, keep up the wonderful work you have started!! Blessings.

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