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Beautiful Surprises! Baby Seaturtles

Two weeks ago we had such a beautiful surprise – just after breakfast our housekeeping lady called us that there were some babies on the beach – didn’t really make sense to us. So I went just to check that everything was alright – oh, well… what I saw was more then alright – more than fifty tiny seaturtles that just hatched were trying to make their way to the ocean, but didn’t see that that the big holes that we dug to plant new coconut palms inside. So all except a handful fell into that hole, stepping on each other trying to climb out again. First we chased away the crabs from the turtles that were on the beach already and after they were safe in the water, we flattened the edge of the hole and gave their siblings a safe passage out of the sand right into the waters of the Indian Ocean. Did you know that the green sea turtle is an endangered species? They are found around the globe. It takes them at least twenty years to reach maturity with only an estimated 1 out of 100 to 1000 (you read different things about it and it probably depends a whole lot on where they hatch) green sea turtle hatchlings reaching maturity at all to then come back to the same beach to lay her own eggs. So what a privilege to witness this little miracle of nature here.

Do you want to see some of nature’s miracles here in Tanzania? Come, spend vacation with us and you’ll surely see how wonderful nature is.

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